We believe all children deserve a high-quality education that encourages them to think critically, get along with others, and set a path toward a productive future.

Each year, we serve a racially and socioeconomically diverse population of children, youth, and families with programs and services across Northern Kentucky and Greater Cincinnati.

Together, we transform lives and help build brighter futures.


Learning Grove develops and supports innovative quality learning experiences that empower children, youth, and families across diverse communities.


We envision a world where all children and youth reach their
full potential, and all families thrive.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:

At Learning Grove, we are striving to be anti-racist in thought, deed, and action:

    • We stand against all policies, attitudes and behavior that are barriers to love for all people.
    • We humble ourselves when we acknowledge and correct our racism.
    • We value and accept our children, youth, families and staff as individuals. We celebrate our differences.
    • We embrace our ethical responsibility to advance equity and overcome racism.

Explore our 2022 Annual Report here.

Our Approach to Early Education

We are so much more than a daycare; we provide high-quality care based on healthy age-based learning that is informed by research and expertise. Our approach equips children with the social, emotional, and communication skills needed for success in school and beyond.

Learning Grove’s philosophy and classroom curriculum center on the constructivist theory; that is, that children initiate much of their own learning through exploration and play. Our learning environments are carefully prepared by the teacher based on their knowledge of the developmental level of the class as well as individual children. Our teachers are skillful in making comments or asking questions that encourage children to expand their thinking, and they continually assess and document children’s learning and interests.

Research has shown us that the strongest indicators of quality early childhood programs are ratios and the education and experience of the teachers. Learning Grove centers offer the lowest staff to child ratios, and our teachers have an empathic approach to children’s growth and development.

Because parents are their child's first and best teachers, family engagement is at the core of all we do. The family is our foundation and our starting point for developing services and program content.

We will never compromise on practices that are best for children, and we will never stop innovating and advocating for them.
Shannon Starkey-Taylor
Chief Executive Officer

Meet Our Leadership Team

Tracey Rowe

Tracey Rowe

Vice President - Early Childhood Services

Toni Beasley

Toni Beasley

Executive Assistant

Patti Craig

Patti Craig

Vice President – Quality and Continuous Improvement

Shannon Starkey Taylor

Shannon Starkey-Taylor

Chief Executive Officer

Patti Gleason

Patti Gleason

Chief Program Officer

Kathy Burkhardt

Kathy Burkhardt

Senior Director of NaviGo College and Career Prep

Michelle Toney

Michelle Toney

Vice President School Age and FamiliesFORWARD

Mike Hammons

Mike Hammons

Vice President of Advocacy


Roseann Culley Hayes

Roseann Culley Hayes

Chief Development Officer

Deanna Lane

Deanna Lane

Vice President – Family & Community Services

Emily Lewis

Emily Lewis

Chief Administrative Officer

Julie Witten Lloyd

Julie Witten Lloyd

Vice President of Advancement

Our Board Members

Drew Tilow


Marcia Sherman

Vice President

Dan Driscoll


Tyran Stallings


Katriece Barrett
(nee Carter)

Lori Zombek

Alison Zimmerman

Amy Cheney

Ashleigh Dubois

Becky Kosina

Bob Keppler

Carolyn Krisko

Davette Shorter

Josh Ruth

Justin Knappick

Karen Floyd

Karen Hurley

Laura Guggenheim

Manny Hernandez

Michael Huwel

Raymond Gaddis

Sally Moomaw

Steve Tracy

Tiffany Shiver

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