Parent Academy

Our goal is to build partnerships in education; empowering parents with helpful information to interact with their child, and schools with information they can easily individualize and deliver to parents. Learning Grove’s Parent Academy curriculum is research based and developed to allow schools the flexibility to deliver content around school calendar and events.

All topics have been developed based on parent and school voice. Schools select content based off feedback from staff, faculty, and parents to determine appropriate topics each school year.

The four content are currently composed of two lesson plans each with further lessons in development.

The Content Areas Are As Follows:


    • School portal
    • Parent-Teacher Conferences


    • Raising Resilient Children
    • Rules and the Teenage Brain

Thriving in High School

    • School grading system, grading scale & Calculating GPA’s
    • Graduation requirements, college admission requirements and Pre-College Curriculum

Life After High School

    • 2yr., 4yr, certifications, military and apprenticeships
    • College admissions: GPA, test scores, class rigor and common application

The modules are 75-90 minutes and allow parents to participate in the following:

    • Lesson content individualized for each school
    • Parents participate in an activity tied to content objective
    • Each parents receives a take home activity to do with their child