Supporting Your Child From Infancy Through Early Adulthood

Our driving passion is providing the best child care and education for your child. It is our mission to provide the support that helps your family thrive through all ages and stages.

Early Childhood

0-5 Years

Before- & After- School Programs

5-18 Years

College and
Career Readiness

12-18 Years

Early Childhood Education

Learning Through Play and Active Engagement

We believe that children learn through play and make sense of the world by actively engaging in the learning process. Our goal is to help every child become an independent problem solver through age-appropriate concepts and critical thinking skills, equipping them for lifelong success.

Before- and After- School Programs

Discovery of Self Through Academics, Art and Music

Our before- and after-school programs complement the school curriculum, providing a nurturing environment rich with intellectual stimulation that supports cognitive, physical, emotional, and social developmental needs. The curriculum includes structured time for learning in STEM, social-emotional learning, arts and crafts, literacy, gross motor time, and more!

College and Career Readiness

Guiding Students to Achieve Their Goals and Dreams

Our NaviGo college and career services program provides you and your child with the information needed to make an informed decision about their future. With personalized guidance and support, we help identify their interests, passions, and talents and offer ways to incorporate them into your child’s future plans. We are the team supporting you and your child at every step, empowering your child to make the best decisions for their future.

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