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Board Member Spotlight: Drew Tilow
Monday, November 19, 2018

Drew Tilow first became involved with Children, Inc. when Lori Zombek, current Chair for CI’s Board of Directors, recruited him as a volunteer for our annual fundraiser, Raising of the Green. Unaware of what one volunteer opportunity would lead to, he recalls, “Once I had that experience, I was hooked. The passion and dedication of the staff really stood out to me, and it is what made me want to volunteer for the Board of Directors.”

Fast forward to today, Drew is an active member of Children, Inc.’s Board of Directors, and now, a parent of Treasure House student, Jackson.

“The best thing about Children, Inc. is how much they care about Jackson. Every teacher he’s had since he was a three month old in the infant classroom has been so thoughtful and caring.”

When looking for early childhood care for his son, Children, Inc. was a natural fit. Drew wanted a school that was centrally located to him and his wife, was equipped with quality staff, and had a safe environment; “Treasure house fit the bill on all three of those”.

“The most important thing, though, is that Treasure House and Children, Inc. provide education. We have always described Treasure House as a “school” and not “daycare” when talking to Jackson about it. We want him to see Treasure House as a place for learning and growing instead of a place where he goes to hangout for the day.”

In addition to volunteering on our Board of Directors and parenting his son Jackson, Tilow is also the Senior Budget Analyst for the City of Cincinnati, volunteers with the Greater Cincinnati Chapter of the American Society for Public Administration and serves on the Advisory Board for the Master of Public Program at NKU. Needless to say, we are lucky to have Drew and his family as a part of our family.



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