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Employee Spotlight

Employee Spotlight: Get To Know Alyssa Terrell

What is your title and department? I oversee Leadership Development as a Senior Director. My role makes up part of the Human Resources team. What …

Learning Grove

Parenting Tip – Praise Effort

Even our preschoolers benefit from the routine and structure of school. Preschool provides a consistent environment to encourage play and learning to prepare our kids …

Learning Grove

What’s Wrong with Telling a Child He or She is OK?

You mean well. You want to reassure your child who is sad or hurt or disappointed — or ANGRY — that she is ok. And …

Learning Grove

Conversation Tips During Uncertain Times

As parents and grandparents in these stressful times, it is important to remember that children are excellent perceivers but rotten interpreters. Children don’t miss much. …

Learning Grove

Simple is Enough

To echo the message Jess shared earlier about you and your best (whatever that looks like right now!) being enough, I wanted to share a …